Supernatural 8.04

So I finally got a chance to watch this weeks Supernatural and I really liked it!

It wasn't really a normal Supernatural episode, and didn't have very much Sam and Dean, but I enjoyed getting the background on how the 3 kids got turned and what they did once they were turned.

Anyway I thought it was a good episode and next weeks looks like it'll be pretty great too!!! ♥ ♥

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Supernatural 8.02

So I'm typing this up as the episode goes, so idk if it'll make any sense but here it goes...

Collapse )

I hope if you read this you were able to follow it. :-)

Also I hope everyone was able to, or is going to check out Arrow, because it was totally awesome as well!!! And I'm really loving my Wednesday nights now ;-)

Oh, another also, Yay A's!!! And Giants I suppose... I'll have to keep my fingers crossed for them tomorrow to win so they can both go on :-)

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Lion King

Stories, Music, TV, and Baseball

So I started reading a new story last night called It Had To Be You by ficnerd198. I've only read the first part, but I'm liking it so far. Anyway, for some reason when I read the title it reminded me of N'sync's It's Gonna Be Me, so I decided to share the music video with you! ♥

I think I'm having a bit too much fun looking up and using gifs. haha.

Now the best thing in this post.....


Everybody get ready!!!

I'm totally up and dancing!!! ♥

^I'm serious, these are totally me right now!^

And for my last little point lets just say...


Now to tell you a little something about my baseball background, I've never played baseball or softball, but I grew up in a house that has always revolved around sports, with two older brothers and parents who all played baseball/softball for a long time. So I enjoy the game, although honestly I'm more of an Atlanta Braves fan, but I'm from California, and I like the A's. So I'm still gonna cheer for them!

Now the A's have to win today so they can win their division. They're up right now so everybody again...


haha. I'm in a good mood, and to leave you guys I found this pic I thought was really cute, and it made me laugh so I want to share it. ♥

Music video came from Youtube, The Joey and Supernatural gifs came from eatmyshortsslytherin.tumblr.com, and the A's photo came from Athleticsnation.

Kate Bishop


So it has been a while since I have posted on here (almost a year...), and so I thought I'd just throw out some random thoughts to try and get me in the habit of writing something out. It kind of reminds me of those prompts in school when the teacher is like "Write for 10 minutes on blah blah blah." I never liked those. haha. Which makes a lot of sense as to why I'm doing it now right? Not really but oh well.

So my prompt for now is TV shows...

So really where to start? Last year was the first year I really started watching and keeping up with new shows when they premiered, and of the probably 5 or 6 I started, I only actually kept up with 3 through the season. The first is Hart of Dixie, which I really just love. It's cute and funny and I just adore it, and it starts (techniqually) today!!! The next one is Revenge. It had a great opening season with a lot of twists and turns, and I'm really looking forward to this season! I haven't watched the premiere yet though, I'll have time tomorrow =]. The last show I stayed with was Scandal, which came in midseason and only had nine episodes, but it was Amazing! And the second season premiered last Thursday and it was just Great!!! I'm so excited for it!

Of the shows that I started last season and then didn't finish, Grimm is probably my favorite!!! I had trouble watching it last season because it was on at the same time as Supernatural, and I honestly just didn't take the time to look it up online. But I watched it all before this season started and I absolutely fell in Love!!! It's so great. I'm really excited with where this season is going, and looking forward to what else their gonna throw at us.

The other show I started and didn't finish was Once Upon a Time, which I actually really liked, but I missed a few episodes and just never got caught up. But I cheated and watched ABC's like first season rundown episode they had on before the premiere, and it looks like what I missed was really good!!! So I have the premiere recorded, so I'll have to watch that and then just catch up with the rest on Netflix ;-)

Oh yeah, also a show I wanted to watch last year but never did, but I caught up over the summer. New Girl!!! So Funny!!! My first comedy/sitcom. I'm in it for good =D

Now for new shows this season. I'm trying out a few more than I did last year, so we'll see how many of them last through the year.

Comedy wise, there's Go On, which I have found that I like the best of the comedies I've watched. Although most of the comedies have only had 1 or 2 episodes so we'll have to see where all of those go. I liked The New Normal, but I've only watched 2 of like 4 or 5 episodes. And I liked Ben and Kate and Partners (but I missed tonights episode), and I wasn't that impressed with The Mindy Project, but we'll see. I have them all on my Hulu list! haha.

For the hour long drama's, I'm really loving Revolution! So I hope it gets the chance to get it's feet under it and gets a real shot. I also really loved the premiere of Elementary and I'm really looking forward to seeing where it goes. The surprise show that I've watched (which I never planned too) and actually have enjoyed has been The Mob Doctor. I've only watched because it's on after Bones, but I actually found myself liking it and curious about next weeks episode.

The only two shows I'm planning on watching that haven't aired yet are Arrow, which I'm really excited for because the promos have been really great! and I'm thinking of giving Emily Owen's a shot just because.

Now would be time I would go into the returning shows that have lots of seasons that I'm really excited for, but I'm really tired and its bed time. Plus, it'll give me something to write tomorrow right?

So if anyone reads this and has any comments or opinions on shows feel free to let me know.

Now Good Night All (or possibly Good Morning or Afternoon. haha.)
Kate Bishop


So today's Thanksgiving to those of us who live in the US, so I thought I'd share a cute Disney pic I found :-). I also have a funny Snoopy comic strip that makes me laugh every time I read it!

Haha. And now I have just one more image that I found on Pintrest that has nothing to do with Thanksgiving but is reference to Harry Potter so it's still totally awesome!

So anyways, Happy Thanksgiving to those who live in the US, and for everyone else, Happy November 24th! :-)

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